Serialized Short Story

Every other Saturday through April 17th, the next chapter of my short story will be published on my Facebook page. 

The Road in the Wood is the first in a series titled, The Forgotten Sentinel. It chronicles the journey of an old man and a young boy on a road thought to be abandoned. 

THe Hope Chest // Short Story

My first published short story appeared in Colorado Christian University's literary and art journal, Paragon, in 2017. I then edited it slightly and published it in my micro-chapbook, Aesthetic Blindness in the summer of 2017. 

I wrote The Hope Chest in 2016 at the Festival of Faith and Writing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There was a small break from sessions and so I popped into their art museum on campus. They had an exhibit on Chinese clothing, and so I paired a find with a writing prompt from my first semester in Creative Writing.  

You can find The Hope Chest on Amazon for Kindle, or listen to it on soundcloud